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The frequency and content of maintenance visits are prescribed in the relevant British
or European Standards called up by PD 6662.

  • That the installed system meets the as-fitted document

  • Tamper detection


  • Entry and exit procedures

  • Power supplies, including any batteries

  • Functioning of detectors and hold-up devices

  • Environmental conditions for adverse effects

  • Operation of audible warning devices

  • Operation alarm transmission systems and equipment

  • Visual inspection for potential problems (electrical and physical)

  • Operator confidence in the routine use of the System.


Remote system checks (where applicable) should include:

  • Interrogate event record and take appropriate corrective action (this might in some cases require a site visit)

  • Where applicable, check the system has been set and unset (information may be taken from the event record)

  • Check no adverse tamper and fault conditions exist

  • Check any alarm circuits that are on soak test

  • Check any alarm circuits that are inhibited or isolated

  • Ensure time and date of clock are correct, update if required

  • Check that the primary power supply is available

  • Check the health of any batteries

  • Check that “frequently used” detectors are operating

  • Check correct operation of all alarm transmission systems