Our Services

Integrated electronic security solutions that focus on achieving results

At Custom Intelligent Security, we design, supply, install, support and maintain electronic security solutions that create more secure business environments.

By working with Custom, you will not be limited to an ‘off-the-shelf-solution’, instead, we offer clients a choice of security technologies that can be tailored to each organisation’s unique security needs and concerns.

All security solutions offered by Custom will be provided alongside the highest level of service-delivery allowing a smooth implementation as well as high levels of support.

Depending on the level of protection required you can choose one service or a comprehensive delivery plan.

Businesses should consider security as business-critical. Viewed this way, high-quality security solutions are much better at fulfilling the requirements of end users, which are often company-specific and bespoke.

With many years’ experience, Custom Intelligent Security are experts in providing tailored security solutions. We understand the systems that can work most effectively for you and how these can be implemented and supported with ease, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum benefit to your business.

Service Level Agreements

We will work in partnership with your business to compile an appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA) which provides an honest, transparent interface between our organisations. Additionally, any issues of concern are discussed during regular Service Review Meetings where both parties can also discuss their individual business challenges and strategic goals in an atmosphere of mutual benefit.