Intruder Alarm

Intruder alarm systems cost-effectively deliver both deterrence and active detection measures against unauthorised entry

At Custom, we offer a range of intruder systems to suit your needs.

Through the use of detectors, deterrents, control panels and communication devices, we will establish the most effective technology that will ensure your business is protected from intruders.

All of our intruder detection systems are designed and installed to comply with EN50131 and PD6662. These systems can be stand-alone,  or linked to an alarm receiving centre (ARC) that will promptly notify the local police should the alarm be activated.

We will also offer Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Visits designed to help keep your system performing at its optimum level.

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) visits for Intruder Alarm Systems are carried out twice yearly.

  • Visual inspection and functional test of the control panel and keypads.
  • Examine and test Power supplies and standby batteries.
  • Load test all sealed acid batteries log and report.
  • Visually examine and functional test of all door contacts/detectors.
  • Walk test system.
  • Check building for any alterations that may affect the correct operation or coverage of the system.
  • Check the correct operation of all warning devices.
  • Check and test speech dialler or ARC connection (if fitted)
  • Review system performance & operator training requirements with Client
  • System Assessment Report

Our product range includes