Delivering smart, visual information that is clearly presented

Whether it be an office, building, warehouse or factory, we can provide a CCTV system that will work for you. For example, analytics and alarm signals can be used to draw the operator’s attention to incidents and to display them using graphical maps to help track events.

Once your CCTV system is installed your designated account manager will work with you to ensure the software and operative system remains up to date and responsive to your security needs.

We will also offer Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Visits designed to help keep your system performing at its optimum level.

We run planned preventative maintenance (PPM) once a year as standard, however many clients opt for a PPM at six-monthly intervals.

During your PPM maintenance visits, we will carry out the following, keeping your CCTV system up to date and effective:

  • A visual check of the installation for completeness, the stability of towers and brackets, mechanical damage and wear.
  • All flexible connections.
  • A visual check of each camera image.
  • A visual check of each video monitor.
  • Control equipment: Pre-set camera tours/image sequencing.
  • Test of Pan/tilt/zoom capabilities where PTZ cameras are installed.
  • Recording equipment, where fitted: Playback a test sequence.
  • Operator confidence in the routine use of the System.
  • System Assessment Report

Additional checks for remotely monitored CCTV systems:

  • Review operational logs with the RVRC to determine whether any deterioration in the system operation has occurred.
  • Transmission equipment, where fitted.
  • Detector activation equipment, where fitted.
  • Audio warning audibility, where fitted.
  • SETTING and triggering – for movement detection systems.

Our product range includes